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3 Things that 2022 Brings to the Labor Market

A massive move to hybrid work

In 2022, 60% of companies will switch to a hybrid working model, and a third of them will fail on their first attempt to work from anywhere, Forrester predicts in 2022 Predictions.

After a year in which companies have realized that the change is necessary and inevitable, 2022 will be the year in which organizations will try to find the right formula for their teams and test more options.

What business leaders can do: find the solution that works for their teams without forcing them to return to the office – converting headquarters into spaces that encourage creativity, giving them access to other spaces closer to home to reduce commuting and flexibility to work from anywhere with a custom work schedule. The “One (work model) fits all” approach is no longer useful for today’s employees.

“The Great Resignation” hits locally

“The Great Resignation”, a trend rooted in the United States, brings up topics such as burnout, poor leadership and the importance of well-being in the professional life of employees. For many of them, the pandemic was an opportunity to re-evaluate their priorities and redefine what success means to them. The “Great Resignation” has started to be seen locally as well, affecting employers in many countries, faced now with the problem of finding good employees in a difficult market. 

What business leaders can do: we need authentic leaders who understand how important is the sense of purpose when a new organizational culture is developed.

Slow productivity or the 4-day week shift

In the United States, a new bill introduced by a California Democrat plans to change the standard workweek from forty hours to thirty-two, thus becoming a federal standard. In another part of the world, Dubai is switching its work week to align with global markets. No longer a start-up experiment in some eccentric nordic countries, the 4-day workweek is entering mainstream: people are becoming more aware that working without wellbeing or meaningful personal life is nothing long term. Are the companies following the trend or they’ll wait for The Great Resignation to kick in to consider changes in working schedule?

What business leaders can do: more time to play or reconnect with colleagues, in-person meetings rather than always online, flex time to accommodate different needs, less intrusive apps and controlling software and offering “days off” rather than financial bonuses.

What do you think 2022 will bring new to the labor market?

Text source: the December newsletter, 2022. Read the full edition here or explore the previous ones.

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