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Access a network of meeting rooms in coworkings and hotels: book when you need one, starting from a minimum cost per month.

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Successful companies that have chosen Pluria for hybrid work.

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Why Pluria?

We are your representative in the relationship with the suppliers, so that your experience is as smooth as possible.


You receive 3-5 options of meeting rooms to choose from


Recommendations for catering or lunch


Competitive prices and access to the latest venues in the city

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One app, hundreds of meeting rooms


Coworkings hubs

Meeting rooms with all facilities included. Additionally, you can reserve a hot desk for individual work.


Ready-to-work cafés

Work from a meeting room in a coworking space or a hotel, and have lunch in the selected cafes.


Hotel business lounges

Conference rooms in central locations and a professional on-site catering service.

Spaces for long-term collaboration

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Private offices

Additionally, you can have your own flexible private office for medium to long-term (6-12 months). We choose the perfect space for your team and make sure it meets all the conditions you need.

We are present in the main cities in Latin America, Iberia & Romania

You implement as fast as you say 'remote'

A single partner so you and your colleagues can collaborate better in meeting rooms to your liking.

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    Leave your contact information, and to understand how we can assist you.

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    We offer you 3-5 options that meet your requirements, including services like catering.

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    We present you the collaboration options, the minimum monthly cost, and the optional services, such as access to hot desks or private offices.

Book meeting rooms through Pluria for a hustle-free experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pluria is a subscription service for companies that facilitates remote work, enabling the implementation of a fully flexible and cost-effective hybrid or remote work model.