A plurality of workspaces for your team in Berlin

You offer your employees the freedom to work from any workspace in our network, they find & book their office directly in the app.

Discover how

Ruiz García, Project Manager

Monitoring the project progress in a library.

Valeria Martínez, CTO

Conducting an emergency audit from a coworking space.

Adriana López, Sales Manager

Drafting a contract from an airport lounge.

Ignacio González, HR Coordinator

Revising job descriptions in a café

Benefits for your company

Whether you want to empower your people to work from anywhere or just thinking to optimize your lease costs, we have a solution for your company's needs.


Productive freedom for
your people

Offer your employees the freedom to work from anywhere, whenever they need to focus on a project, reconnect with others or be innovative.


Complete flexibility for
your company

Office on demand matches your needs without long-term investments: scale when you grow, reduce when necessary.


Massive cost reduction
of your lease

With our Space-as-a-Service solution you will reduce your lease & maintenance costs to a fraction of it.

How it works

Your people will access the network and the booking system through the Pluria mobile application, available in Google Play and App Store.

Benefits for your people

Your people will have more options where to work from, besides the company’s office or from home. We bring additional benefits and flexibility that complement what you are offering them right now.


Save time on commute

Instead of wasting time on commuting, you can work closer to home or in very central locations.


Stay connected & productive

Focus on your work and stay productive in a safe work environment with all the necessary amenities.


Safe working environment

You get access to a variety of workspaces while enjoying a safe work environment.

Workspaces in the network

We offer your people the best selection of workspaces in Bucharest, Cluj, Madrid and Berlin. You will have visibility on the location of your people, while they enjoy working remotely.

Coworking spaces

Individual desks and meeting rooms with all the necessary office amenities.

Hotel Business Lounges

Shared spaces that encourage networking in very central locations.

Ready-to-Work Cafés

Cozy and work-friendly spaces where you can get creative.

Other workspaces

From a pop-up desk in a park to libraries and museums, the options are unlimited.

A great remote work policy starts with a trial. Give it a try!