Workspaces for your employees in

Offer your employees the freedom to work from a different space every day, whether it is a desk in a coworking space, a meeting room for the whole team or individual work in a café or a hotel.

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Benefits for your company

Pluria complements your company’s remote policy: we bring variety to your current work arrangements with flexible options.


Productive freedom for
your employees

Offer your team the freedom to work from different spaces, whenever they need a hub to focus on a project, reconnect with others or be innovative.


Flexibility for your growth
or contraction

Choose between a monthly subscription or use the service on-demand, scaling when you grow, reducing when necessary.


Massive cost reduction
of your lease

With our Workspace-as-a-Service solution you will reduce your lease & maintenance costs to a fraction of it.

Productive freedom for your employees

Your employees are working remotely from one place only? The good news is it doesn't have to be like this anymore.

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Coworking: Benefits for your employees

Your employees can work from a different space each working day, anywhere in the Pluria network.


Stay connected

Meet with colleagues or clients outside the office and reconnect with each other even in times of social distancing.


Increase productivity

Focus on important projects individually or with the entire team in safe spaces that stimulate productivity.


Break routine and spark creativity

Work closer to home or in very central locations. Or try a workation and work from another city.

Workspaces in the network

We have the best selection of workspaces in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Iași, Oradea, Sibiu, Târgu-Mureș, as well as Madrid and Barcelona.

Coworking spaces

Individual desks and meeting rooms with all the necessary office amenities.

Hotel Business Lounges

Shared workspaces near me that encourage networking in very central locations.

Ready-to-Work Cafés

Cozy and work-friendly working spaces where you can get creative.

In the Press

”Flexibility is key. Pluria is building an alternative office network for home workers”

“The UBER of office spaces appears: the first B2B platform that offers access to an extensive network of workspaces”

“With 60 spaces in Romania, the Pluria platform, through which employees can reserve their office in co-working spaces, cafes or lounges, fully benefits from the new reality.”

“The "Airbnb" for offices starts in Romania: Pluria, a B2B platform that offers companies access to an extensive network of workspaces.”

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