Offer flexible workspaces to your distributed teams

Access a network of spaces and only pay for what you use: your colleagues book desks and rooms in the app and work from a different place every day, whether it's a coworking or your office.

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Benefits for your company


Productive freedom

Improve your organizational culture by enabling teams to collaborate in a hybrid work model.


Always in control

See in real time where your employees work and only pay for what they use.


No extra work

From internal comm to setting up your accounts and personalized onboarding, we cover everything.

Productive freedom for your employees

Your employees are working remotely from one place only? The good news is it doesn't have to be like this anymore.

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How it works


We give your employees access to the network


Your colleagues start booking desks in the app


You can see where they work anytime you want

Workspaces in the network

A curated selection of workspaces in Spain, Romania, Colombia and Portugal.

Coworking spaces

Individual desks and meeting rooms with all the necessary office amenities.

Hotel Business Lounges

Shared workspaces near you that encourage networking in very central locations.

Ready-to-Work Cafés

Cozy and work-friendly working spaces where you can get creative.


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A great remote work policy starts with a trial. Give it a try!

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