Access 500+ coworking spaces

Coworking network for companies: your employees work from any city, you keep costs under control, and provide them with work flexibility.

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Successful companies that have chosen Pluria for hybrid work.

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How Pluria can help you

How Pluria can help you


You pay for what your team uses, with a minimum fee.


Access to coworking spaces in Latin America & Europe.


Lunch and snacks included in selected spaces.


Concierge service for your team's needs.

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One single application, access to hot desks in 500+ coworking spaces


Coworking hubs

Hot desks, private offices, and meeting rooms with all amenities included.


Ready-to-work cafes

Friendly cafes where you can work and have lunch or breakfast, included in the Pluria subscription.


Hotel business lounges

Business spaces in central locations where you can work, have meals, or reserve meeting rooms.

Spaces for better collaboration.

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Meeting rooms

Reserve a meeting room for one hour or more, for meetings with clients or team sessions.

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Private offices

Modern offices exclusively for the use of your remote team, in central spaces with all amenities included.

Present in the main countries in Latin America

Fast implementation

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial, available for companies with a minimum of 50 registered employees with booking rights. The trial is valid only for the hot desk area.

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    Please leave your contact information, and we will schedule a call to understand how we can assist you.

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    We sign a flexible contract that can be canceled with a 60-day notice period.

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    The service implementation takes 24 hours from the receipt of all the necessary data.

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    You and your colleagues to work from anywhere.

Your team reserves a hot desk through the app and works from anywhere!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pluria is a subscription service for companies that facilitates remote work, enabling the implementation of a fully flexible and cost-effective hybrid or remote work model.