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Tired of working only from home?

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Por hc_admin

19 May, 2021

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For some employees working exclusively from home is the perfect solution, for others it’s … not so perfect. Parents with small children, employees with noisy neighbors, couples working together from home – there are lots of less perfect situations that are familiar to many of us.

On the other side of the barricade are the employees who are happy they don’t have to waste an hour in traffic going to work and another hour coming back, employees who have in their own home everything they need: peace and quiet, an ergonomic chair and a comfortable work desk, good coffee, possibly even a beautiful view. Sounds ideal, but is it so?

Even in this perfect context, there is the risk of isolation and routine. You communicate exclusively online and don’t even remember how your teammates really look like. You are no longer exposed to a new environment and new people to take you out of your daily routine. You are like a hermit, who, because of the apparent ideal working conditions, no longer sees the danger of working from home permanently.

The solution is neither to return to the previous work model, nor to remain anchored on the sofa at home indefinitely. You can leave the house and work from a coworking or a cafe for a few hours, change the environment for a day or two and get out of the routine, try to expose yourself to new people and situations. You will only benefit from it.

Oh, and when you’re ready, download the Pluria mobile app and send us a message that you want to have our service in your company, so you don’t have to pay for working from a coworking or a hotel lounge. Coffee is on us!