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The freedom to work from anywhere

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Por hc_admin

19 May, 2021

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I was working from a dressing room (literally) for several months already, having online meetings and talking to clients among clothes hangers, shirts and shoes, with my son interrupting me for drawing paper and the little one popping up in front of the laptop. When I wasn’t in the dressing room, I was in the ”creț-mobile”, my car, not driving anywhere, just sitting there for a call.

Somewhere between these stages of my new life, an insistent idea kept buzzing me: how would it be to be able to work from… anywhere? Not permanently from the company’s office as it used to be, not from home all the time as remote work was considered until then, but to have the flexibility to choose a space depending on your needs? To be able to work from a coworking hub one day and from a café another one or stop at a hotel lounge to finish some work that was impossible to focus on at home? Flexible work arrangements that would be embraced both by the companies and their employees, breaking them free from the confinements of the fixed spaces, the time wasted on commute, but at the same time giving them the option to get more productive and creative in another environment, without the distractions from their homes.

The good times

I started to research everything I could about remote working, the needs companies were having after their employees started suddenly to work from home for months, the trends and problems in the real estate market, gathering insights about what other CEOs and founders were planning ahead. Like any idea that doesn’t let you sleep, the only way to get rid of it was to turn into a viable business. This is how it all started: the product, the team, the journey we have embarked just three months ago – to change the way people and companies are working together, forever.

And we are going to do it big this time: Bucharest, Cluj, Berlin and Madrid are already on the map and we are affiliating work spaces in each of these cities. We are talking to companies for which we can be a good fit right now, companies that are already having or are planning to have a remote work policy for their people and are interested to offer them access to a variety of working spaces. We are fine tuning the product and we’re getting ready to launch the mobile app in September. And we are doing everything working remotely ourselves, a number of people with a big dream, of empowering people to work from anywhere. From a nicely furnished alternative work space, a hotel business lounge or a ready-to-work café, from a pop-up office in the parks or from a library. Even from a dressing room, although this is not ideal from my experience.