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How to work from home… as if you were working from a coworking

Do you work from home and you don’t (yet) have Pluria with you in the company? Sometimes it’s tiring to always work from the same place, to have the same routine and the same image in front of your eyes for months on end. We have thought of a few things that will help you during this period and that are also easy to put into practice (not to mention that they are also fun?) Don’t forget to download the Pluria application, skip to login and recommend to your HR, to have access to other spaces in your city.

Arrange a corner in your home for special projects or moments when you need to be creative

You work all day from the makeshift office in the living room and sometimes you need to break your routine, but you have nowhere to take refuge? Try a simple trick and arrange a place to hide occasionally to work on some projects. Take some pillows, a green plant and a stool and retire there for an hour or two, imagining that you are working from a sunny terrace.

Invent a day of fresh fruit… in your kitchen

At the office you had the fruit basket every morning, at your favorite coworkings you had fruit juices or other healthy snacks, but since you only work from home have you switched to a hamburger menu?

Buy more varied fruits, make a fresh one of the ones you like the most and set a fruit day, say on Thursdays. And if you miss your colleagues, do this together and organize a contest for the most appetizing fruit juice and the most creative umbrella for decorating the glass?

Draw… instead of typing on the laptop all day

What’s great about coworking spaces is that they activate your creativity through the way the space is arranged and they also have all the facilities you had at the office. It’s a bit difficult to change the furniture in the whole house or to buy a blackboard, but it’s simple and fun to reinvent some objects that you miss.

Instead of flipcharts and colored markers you can take a set of crayons and pencils, some transparent scotch and several white sheets and write on them. You can stick them on a closet or on a door and that will be the place for your special projects. Or maybe you have a piece of wall that is suitable for chalk paint – how nice would it be to have something like this in your home?

What other ideas did you use at home?