Ready to Build A Top-Notch Employee Benefits Program?

Start with work flexibility.

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Discover the top employee benefits of the year

From geographic flexibility to work autonomy or extra vacation days - the quality of life employees aspire to, matters now more than it ever did before. Find out which are the benefits that seem most appealing today and requested the most by employees in Romania.

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Are you prioritising the well-being of your employees?

Companies that prioritise employee happiness and well-being are more likely to draw in and hold onto exceptional talent.

When your staff are happy, they become more engaged, productive, and innovative, which can ultimately propel your business to success. Investing in employee well-being isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a smart move that pays off in countless ways. So why settle for mediocre talent when you can have the very best? Start prioritising employee happiness today and watch your company reach new heights!

Work flexibility as an employee benefit

Adjust to the new work reality and make work flexibility a priority

In today's dynamic work landscape, work flexibility has become a necessity for modern organisations. Offering work flexibility to your employees means adjusting to the new work reality and staying ahead of the game.

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Build the program

To help you build a top-notch benefits program that includes work flexibility, we've created a comprehensive guide that covers the concept of boundaryless work as part of the new work reality and what it means for modern organizations, together with the hottest employee benefits of the year requested by employees and candidates in Europe and LATAM.

Moreover, we’ll dig into some of the most common challenges modern organisations face today and guide you to overcome them.

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What you’ll find inside the guide:

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    The new work reality and what it means for the modern organisations

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    Employee benefits the advantages they bring to the modern organisation

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    Top employee benefits to consider this year

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    How to address challenges and overcome them

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    How to build a top notch employee benefits program

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companies surveyed mentioned work flexibility as the most important employee benefit asked by candidates.
Pluria survey
of employees want work flexibility and only 1 6% prefer a standard work model.
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What people say


Candidates are increasingly asking for flexible time and work from home these days.


We always have the possibility of working from the office - however, we have colleagues that are fully remote or opt for hybrid.


Hybrid is the reality at the moment.


Employee Benefits Guide for Modern Organizations in 2023