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Not so long ago, remote work was only a marginal subject, something for freelancers and digital nomads to brag about. Portrayed as a shallow choice (dreaming about working from a beach, kind of stuff), it was overshadowed by more serious type of work, the kind that required to visit an office every day and maybe wear a serious outfit.

And here we are, after a year of pandemic and a lot of work from home, the most serious conference of the year with the most important people in the world puts the future of work on the Davos agenda: Workplace disrupted – five themes that will define the future of work.

How will the future look like? A combination of work from home, hybrid and on-location working, plus visits to the company’s headquarters. The older model that required everybody to be present in the office, regardless of their work, is already obsolete. Some roles require the employee’s presence in the office, but many others do not. So why stick to it? Just for old time’s sake?

If you still have doubts about it, forget about them. Yes, the future of the workplace will be distributed and digital, and location-independent jobs have become de-facto in a world where technologies have provided the ability to work from anywhere, to work smarter and in environments of our choice.

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