When Employees and Employers Perceive Work Differently

Georgiana Petcu

4 minutes read

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When things seem aligned on paper, but reality contradicts them, the foundation on which the new work model is built could show signs of faltering at some point.

As companies rethink their work strategies to adapt to current requirements, there are growing gaps between the perceptions of management in organizations and those of employees about work and its future.

A study conducted by Gartner reflects such disagreements: where managers believe that there is an organizational culture in their company that encourages flexibility, employees believe otherwise. Different perceptions also arise when it comes to how management takes the perspective of teams into account when making decisions.

The conclusion? Managers are more optimistic in answers and estimates than the rest of the employees. This occurs due to subjectivism, while companies in this situation risk implementing poor strategies.

A blurred image of reality completely changes the premises from which to start proposing new solutions, premises that do not meet the real needs “in the field”. In the end, not only the employee experience, but also the attraction and retention of talent within the organization and the employer branding will suffer.

We are at a time when we have the chance to rebuild organizational systems and cultures, to give up outdated methods and to improve procedures. To get where we want to go, the beginning is essential. As long as the start is healthy, what we build can work and pass the test of time.

Text source: the October newsletter, 2021. Read the full edition here or explore the previous ones.

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Written by Georgiana Petcu

Content Manager

With over 10 years of experience in communication and content creation, I am passionate about design, writing and visual storytelling. I like to paint stories in words and pixels and discover people who inspire us.

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