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Three creative spaces to work from during the summer

Tired of working from home and being stuck forever in front of the laptop with the same view day after day? Take advantage of the good weather and explore other places for a change.

Work friendly coffee shops

Technically they only sell coffee, practically they are an alternative for work where you can rewind, get one (ok, maybe two) coffees and that delicious cake and deep dive into that project that you procrastinated for a week. The secret is in context: it doesn’t look like a workspace, so you can actually work from it! Figure that 🙂

Parks with free WI-FI

Some cities are better than others from this point and anyway you can always hotspot your own phone, but if you have the possibility, go working from a park from time to time. The mornings are quieter and in the afternoon there is more noise, but that’s ok, as long as you can see other people whom you don’t usually meet. Like those teenageres working on a bike and listening to the latest songs you had no idea about. Maybe they are your future clients for the product you are working on right now and you can get a glimpse into what motivates them.

Cool coworking spaces

That moment when you actually need a printer, a scanner, a desk and some people around you…. Fortunately your office can be anywhere now, just choose your preferred location and make some new connections while you’re there. Some places are so good that will definitely spark your creativity. Don’t fight it 🙂