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Still hoping to get back to the office?

While the second wave of lockdowns hits Europe, many of us are still dreaming of a return to ”normal”, the day when the virus is eradicated, restrictions are suddenly lifted and we can go back to our old ways, as we know them. 

Companies, also, are holding strong to the golden era dream: offices full with employees buzzing with energy and whispers, meeting rooms booked for a month in advance and social areas full during breaks. Alas, the offices are empty and the dust is settling in. 

For some players a new reality is quietly slipping in: subletting. Keep some space for the corporate workforce, sublet the rest and recover a part of the cost that seemed so justifiable and well invested a year ago. That is, if you actually find clients for renting space in these times. 

For others, there is the hope. To have the headquarters full of people once again, to justify the cost per square meter for an employee, to grow in terms of space. To go back to “normal”. 

Still hoping to get back to the office and have all that? Just don’t wait too long until it’s too late and too difficult to change.