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Huge headquarters are a thing of the past. Or maybe not

You know those huge office buildings, imposing with their perfect glass walls? When you’re young and at the beginning of your career you long for them. It’s a symbol of success if you work in one, you can say to whoever “Look, this is where I work!” And surely your friends will be impressed and your mother will be proud of you.

Offices like these were supposed to stay the same forever, just grow in size to accommodate more and more people. Empty for months and with the perspective of staying empty for more months, there is a frightening question: what’s next?

Well, what is next is CHANGE. With capital letters, because it is that big, impactful and life changing globally. Change is coming for the huge workspaces that turned out to be unsustainable and not of much help during a crisis such as the one we are living. Change for those who design them, for those who buy or rent them and for those working in them. 

Like those factories from the industrial era that reinvented themselves into something better, adapted for the modern times, the same challenge lays ahead for the large workspaces. What will happen next and how fast nobody knows now. But we are already moving towards something else and what was the PRESENT a few months ago it’s already the PAST now.