Ane-Mary Ormenișan


To accept. To know. To love. To learn. To receive. To return. To transform!

In the sinuous chronology of my life, these are the verbs that have always imprinted my existence. They are also the ones who have softened my oppositions, which were not few…

Today I am equal to myself in a committed way, I love people in a genuine way, I express myself freely and I bring passion into my “equations” of life, opening – always wider – “windows” to the world that never ceases to amaze me.

Articles written

Opunem rezistență la schimbarea organizațională

Why Do We Resist Organizational Change?

Ane-Mary Ormenișan

15 minute read

Do We Really Need Emotional Intelligence

Do We Really Need Emotional Intelligence?

Ane-Mary Ormenișan

14 minute read

Useful Relational Skills for Motivated Employees

Ane-Mary Ormenișan

9 minute read

The Psychological Role of Negotiation in Labour Relations

Ane-Mary Ormenișan

12 minute read

“The right to disconnect” – a welcome European project

Ane-Mary Ormenișan

< 1 minut read